Norte Ventures - Manifesto



We believe Brazil is at an inflection point

We have an extremely exclusive network of founders with access to capital that intends to address massive markets


We like obvious businesses

We invest in teams that are addressing real needs with successful benchmarks. We’re not sprayers, we’re snipers


We are like a fund, but not really

We have the capabilities of a fund, but operate like a club of entrepreneurs

We don’t believe in geniuses, we believe in networks

Great products are the result of collaboration of many different people with diverse points of view

We believe in professionalism, not formality

We like real direct feedback that respects entrepreneurs’ time. We like to cut the bullshit and believe it is unethical to keep entrepreneurs waiting to guarantee optionality


We don’t believe in overnight success

We believe in continuous work, well-designed rounds with fair terms. Structure and content matter

We don’t care about the size of our participation, we care about investing in the right people

We are not territorial nor transactional. On the contrary, we try to bring the very best people to our cap tables. Venture Capital is an industry where multiples are extremely high or zero. Focus on the size of the pie - and not on the piece


Power to the operator

We believe in operators, and for this reason, our network consists solely of those


We believe we know less than founders

We invest in highly intelligent founders that spend 120% of their time and energy solving their business’ core issues. We take advice from them and react by creating value

We believe in laser-focused interventions

We don’t take board, don’t meddle with operations and prefer to follow rounds. We get in and get out quickly and fast with maximum impact


Coachability is overrated

We focus in helping companies in “SIR

(S)ales: we’re closers

(I)nvestors: we have a lot of experience fundraising

(R)ecruiting: we’ll help you find the people who provide the answers we cannot